How to iron and remove wrinkles from canvas

Not only do wrinkles and creases make your paint by numbers look unattractive, but they also prevent you from painting easily and fast.  Most of the time, your paint by number kits are delivered folded. So, while you unpack them, some parts of the canvas become rigid with wrinkles. Removing wrinkles and creases is so simple that if you are a newbie in the painting world, you would have no difficulties getting them off your canvas. All you need is an iron-on high! 

However, there are some things to do and things to avoid while removing wrinkles and creases out of painting canvas. Let’s consider some don’ts and dos on how to get wrinkles and creases out of painting canvas. 

Things to Avoid

1. Avoid using too much water 

Even though using water while you iron your canvas helps to remove wrinkles and creases quickly, too much of the water can wash away the lines, numbers, and spaces on the canvas. Rather than using too much water, you can always add a little steam or fine mist when ironing. Unlike regular canvases, canvas for paint by numbers has lines and numbers created on it. Therefore, you need a little amount of water to keep your canvas painting unique and hassle-free. 

2. Avoid Iron Facing Up!

One of the essential don’ts when removing wrinkles and creases out of a painting canvas is iron facing up. When you iron the face up, the lines and numbers on the canvas are smudged. The ink on the canvas can smear quickly since they aren’t designed to be printed on. So, don’t apply hot iron directly on your canvas, as this can quickly destroy your favorite paint by number kit!

Things to put in Place

1. Iron on high without steam 

Unlike regular canvases, canvas for paint by numbers doesn’t require too much steam while you iron it. You only need to iron on high and keep the iron face up. The lines and numbers can easily clean off while you iron on high and steam on the canvass. Likewise, avoid keeping the iron in one place for an extended period. Rather iron a particular region on the canvas for a short period and move to another part spontaneously. Pressing down firmly on the canvas when you iron is also another essential tip to keep in mind. 

2. Make the Canvas Tight

When canvases are stretched, they are easily painted. Likewise, painters don’t have any challenges identifying numbers and lines when they are as tight as possible. Make sure you tap and tack the canvas to a flat surface to make it tight. 

3. Apply a damp cloth on the back of the canvas

Apart from water use, applying a damp cloth on the back of the canvas is another way to remove wrinkles and creases out of the painting canvas. All you need to do is to lay the canvas face down and iron it with a damp cloth on the back. A damp cloth is also an ideal alternative for a fine mister often used on canvases.