6 Paint By Number Painting Techniques For Perfect Results Your First Time 

These techniques will help you create some of your best works. You can try them out on paper or other suitable materials before using them on your canvas.

1. Do not be too heavy-handed with the paint:

Paint over your canvas with light strokes of your brush to retain its beautiful texture.

2. Highlighting your painting will give it a more professional look:

To achieve this, use a color lighter than the area you wish to highlight. Dip your brush in paint and swirl it around till it is properly coated and pointy, then use it to highlight. Make sure your painting is dry before you highlight it.

3. Make sure your areas blend into one another.

When you finish painting an area, please do not leave a sharp line but blend it into the surrounding areas.

4. Use lighter shades over darker shades to add texture:

This is called streaking. You can use it to paint hair.

5. Give your painting a shiny finishing:

To achieve this, you can add a clear gloss layer. You can use a gloss medium or even a varnish. Just brush it over a completely dried painting. Brush one coat in a horizontal line, once it is dry, brush another in a vertical line and dry too.

6. Give your creation a beautiful frame:

Your painting should be completely dried ( give about 24 hours) before you put it into a frame. You’ve learned so many things about using paint by numbers kits; the next step is to choose one of our numerous kits to practice all you have learned. Still not convinced, you can check other articles on paint by numbers kits on our website.