10 Useful Tips for a Perfect Paint by Numbers Result

Acrylic is a water-based paint, and it is therefore very easy and convenient to paint using it. It cleans up easily from many surfaces. All you need is soap and lukewarm water. However, it would be best if you protected all articles of clothing from preventing stains. Paints may not come off quickly from your clothes. Here are some useful tips:

  • Good and natural lightning is always a friend when painting. Do not paint in dark rooms. Painting, like photography, needs adequate natural light. With sufficient natural light, you’ll see every part of your painting.
  • Stir the paints properly before use as it tends to settle. If you don’t do that, you will end up with only a watery substance.
  • Start painting from the smallest areas, then work your way forward till you get to the most substantial areas. When painting portraits, start with the eyes. This will help you focus on the essential details.
  • Never forget to wash your brush thoroughly when changing colors. If you don’t wash your brush, the old color will affect the new one.
  • Always close paint lids firmly when they are not being used. This way, your paints will not thicken or dry up. If it does, add a drop of water until you get the desired consistency.
  • When working with lighter colors, you may have to add extra coats to achieve the desired results. Bear in mind, however, that when acrylics dry up, they tend to be a shade or two darker than when they are wet.
  • For better paintings, trim brush fibers using scissors.
  • If you paint an area with the wrong color, fret not, allow it to dry, then repaint with the right color.