Improve your mental health by painting

Art is a great antidote to improve your mental health. It is a way to overcome stress and depression consistently. You do not need to be guided by art therapy to engage in creative activities. Paint by numbers has a great impact on your psychological well being. Let’s discuss the reason painting is excellent for your mental health.

 Stress Relieve

Over the years, scientists have proven that drawing and painting reduce anxiety, depression, and frustration. At Drexel University, an assistant professor of art therapist Girija Kaimal studies the impact of painting on stress hormones in your body. He confirmed that stress is reduced within 45 minutes of engaging in any creative activities like art. Bob Ross believes that everyone can paint regardless of their experiences.

Researchers make inquiries from 39 adults between the ages range of 18 to 59 years. With the equipment provided by the scientist for the study, the effect of the painting is achieved within 45 minutes of interaction. However, before and after the 45 minutes of the experiment, it is proven that 75% of the participants have a significant amount of stress in their bodies.

Kaimal claims that he expects art to be stronger for those with existing experience and talents. However, the main concept of art therapy is that everyone can create and express themselves in visual arts when working in a supportive setting. 

The relationship between the participant’s age and hormone system explains that younger ones tend to benefit greatly from painting than older people. Kaimal asserts that “one reason might be that younger people are developmentally still figuring out ways to deal with stress and challenges, while older individuals ‘just from having lived life and being older’ might have more strategies to problem-solve and manage stress more effectively.”

Effects On Depression

Aside from the fact that art reduces anxiety, it also helps to overcome depression. It has been confirmed by victims of depression that art gives feelings that have not been felt over the years. Painting is a form of strength, energy, pleasure, and accomplishments to them.

Generally, painting has been recognized as an excellent tool for overcoming depression. In 2015, a review of the impacts of art therapy on frustrations claimed that 6 out of 9 examined has reduced depression. The Journal of Health Technology Assessment review expresses the fact that art therapy reduces stress. It also has a positive impact on their mood as well as self-esteem.

It is recommended for people who are psychologically unstable to make do first with tools such as pens on paper and markers before using mediums such as oils, acrylic paint, and others. The best kits to start with as a beginner is a paint by numbers kit. The kits came into existence in 1950 and were invented by an engineer and owner of Palmer Paint Company of Detroit, Michigan, named Max S. Klein. In the 16th century, Michelangelo, who was a great Renaissance, assigned sections to his students to paint his famous ceilings and as well check mistakes.

Increased Empathy and Tolerance

Painting helps to increase empathy and tolerance, aside from stress and depression. Researchers claimed that more than 10,000 students who toured the museum found out that their attitude to understanding and feeling often changed. This demonstrates great empathy for the children and also increases their thinking ability. However, this exhibits a great tolerance to people in them.

Touring through an art museum often makes children intelligent, observant, and tolerating those who are not in support of their opinion. Children often use concentrating and being observant as essential skills to study and discuss a creative work of art. It is however confirmed that visiting museums positively changes children’s habit of tolerance.

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