Top tips for Painting a Stunning art piece others will envy

Apart from the fact that painting by numbers is an art full of fun, the activity also allows you to create a stunning wall art piece for your home décor. Nothing makes you proud and brings you joy than having some of the pictures you painted on your wall. You can explore your creativity in painting using paint by number kits. 

However, painting wall art pieces requires some special skill and steps, unlike other artworks. You have to make sure that each part of the canvas is painted carefully and expertly to avoid any mistake or spill out. This is why some tips are essential for painting a stunning wall art piece. Let’s consider some of these paint by numbers tips. 

1 Get the Right Kit

Achieving a stunning wall art piece with paint by number all fall down on having the best kit. For instance, always check for canvases with frames. Framed canvases help you paint without any stress. Also, you hardly find wrinkles and creases on such canvasses. 

Meanwhile, you should check the kinds of paint in the kit before purchase. Often, you find acrylic and oil paint in many of these kits. So it is left to you to choose the kind of paint that best delivers what you want. For instance, many artists love acrylic paints because it is easy to wash off the brush and dry quickly. 

2 Be Patient 

For any painting, you need to be patient. This same theory also applies to paint by number. Patience is the key, especially if you are working with new brushes. It would be best if you were more comfortable and in control of the brush to create a unique masterpiece. Don’t spread out the hairs of the brushes while painting. Not only will this act destroy the brushes earlier, but it can also disrupt your painting. To ensure clean edges, make sure you apply gentle pressure as you work. 

3 Start from the Top

By painting from the top, you can always prevent your work from smudging. Left-handed artists should begin painting from the top right corner to avoid smudging. Start from the top left corner if you are a right-handed artist. 

Also, you should paint one color at a time to avoid washing the brushes often. Paint the darkest colors first before you move to the brighter ones. This idea helps set the stage for seamless finishing and, at the same time, map out the background. 

4 Keep the Brushes clean

Perhaps you were painting two or more colors simultaneously, making sure you always clean the brush with clean water and towel before applying it on another. If you are using acrylic paints, you don’t have to wait all day before the paint is clean off the brush. Avoid using poorly clean brushes on your canvas. 

Also, make sure you clean the brushes immediately after painting the canvas as a whole. 

5 Keep Double Numbers in Mind

On your canvas, you might find some sections with two or more paint by numbers in them. This implies that you have to mix the two numbers to make paint. Sometimes, these spaces are represented by alphabets to make it easy to paint. 

You will contaminate the paints if you dip the brush from one paint container to another. So, avoid mixing them. 

Final Thoughts

With all these tips, you can easily create an exceptional masterpiece of art to hand over your bed or sofa. As stated in the post, make sure you buy the right paint by number kits. You can always get reliable and effective kits from use. Check out some of our kits today!