How paint by numbers can help seniors stay active

In the world today, age is just a limit to what people engage themselves in. Although it may sound weird to see an older person do things that children are fondly found doing, one of those great childhood activities is arts and crafts time, in which paint by numbers is a favorite So, growing up may see to it that it is left behind, however, it doesn’t stop the fact that senior adult can do them.

We are in the age of drastic evolution as things that have been in existence for a long time are being modernized to suit the taste of both young and old. That is how it is with Paint by Numbers. Because paint by number isn’t limited to the children, artistic activity has won thousands of adults’ hearts. Doing a little Paint by Numbers is a great activity the older generations are loving again. Moreover, being retired means the opportunity to explore and do whatever we please to do.

Here’s why paint by numbers is such an activity for seniors, either skilled or unskilled and why it isn’t just limited to kids alone.

It is Stress-Free

One thing about Paint by Numbers is that it is simple. As an adult, you don’t have to engage in complex painting, something that catches your interest is enough. It becomes easy for you to paint without having to stress your physical and mental health. Paint by Numbers is quite relaxing. Perhaps you’ve ever watched Bob Ross on PBS, and you’d understand what it means. All that’s needed is to stand or sit as an artist before the drawing with a paintbrush and palette, creating a masterpiece without having nothing to worry about as you don’t have to select the colors to use or where to place them. Some people consider this form of art as a medium to meditate, reduce stress and anxiety, and even improve cognitive memory function. It also can help people who have dementia, according to the Art Therapy Association.

Physical Therapy

Growing older means that the body can no longer be as agile as it was during childhood. And this is a natural change. Growing makes the majority of the older ones experience health-related issues such as loss of strength, which makes them partake in physical therapeutic activities to keep the body in shape. Embracing paint by numbers as a regular hobby or activity will help ignite the strength in a very convenient and friendly environment than even in a clinic. Painting, a therapeutic activity, also builds the excellent motor thanks to holding the paintbrush and manipulating it to paint the canvas. In other words, this form of art can be as effective as a therapy session.

Art not to be loved by adults?

Paint by numbers isn’t a form of art or game for just the younger folks. Regardless of why you love it, it is ultimately to refresh the body and soul beautifully. As an adult, don’t be shy or afraid to entertain what might interest you, such as paint by numbers. If you haven’t tried this before, endeavor to give a trial. Might as well introduce it to your friends and colleagues. Check out some unique paint by number kits for adults at