Does art improve your mental health?

Swamped with work and need a way out?

Too many thoughts in your head that need sorting?

Thinking about anything gives you a headache?

One of the best ways to enhance and exercise your brain is by painting or indulging in other artistic activities. Anyone can do this. Here, you will learn what art can do for your mental health.

There are some erroneous beliefs about art. It is the belief of some that only painting and sculpting can be considered as art. Others believe in the innateness of art. They believe that the ability to paint is inborn, you either have it or don’t. Many people appreciate art but feel that since they are not very good at it, they shouldn’t bother going into it. Another erroneous belief is that you only get any therapeutic advantage from doing art by working with an art therapist.

These people choose to forget that we are all born with the innate desire and ability to express our feelings, ideas, and opinions. And that is precisely what art helps us with, Expression! Art is not limited to just painting and drawing. Anything can be used as a medium of expression, even food. Here are some of the fantastic things that expressing yourself with art can do for your brain and your mental health.

It is therapeutic

And, no, you don’t need an art therapist for art to be therapeutic if you can afford one, beautiful. If not, you will still be able to reap this fantastic benefit of art.

 Drawing, painting, sculpting and other forms of creative expressions are soothing and therapeutic. You just have to find what works best for you and stick with it. These activities can quickly alleviate stress and free you from all forms of worries. Remember that worry leads to premature aging. So look younger with art.

Art helps you Organize your thoughts.

Have so many thoughts in your head, and it seems like it’s about to explode? Just pick up a brush or a pen or any other thing needed for any art you enjoy. You will get a break from your thoughts, but you will also be calm and relaxed enough to deal with them later.

According to research, the average person thinks about more than 60,000 different things in 24 hours. Incredible, right? What’s more incredible is that 95% of those thoughts are repeated every day. No wonder, there are times we just have to get away from it all.

Ever heard of people being in “the zone,” It’s real, and you can achieve this meditative-like state where you can focus on your mind, you’ll be free from all worries and achieve clarity and focus. You can get so occupied with your art that you completely go out of your body and leave all your worries behind. Wish to experience this, start expressing yourself with art.

Leonardo Da Vinci said, ‘Painting embraces all the eye’s ten functions; that is to say, darkness, light, body and color, shape and location, distance and closeness, motion and rest.”

Finally, creative expression through art helps you concentrate on even the tiniest of details and pay adequate attention to your environment. You get all the advantages of meditation with art.

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