The Power of art to heal your soul

Art is one of the processes to get connected to the world and stimulate people’s reasoning ability. It is often seen as the best antidote to all forms of life problems and situations. A research on the cognitive effects of making exciting arts brings about a recent documentary film titled ‘I Remember Better When I Paint.’ The movie exhibits how artistic art enables people with dementia to get connected to the world. It demonstrates how they stimulate their memories. Aside from the fact that painting and drawing help to overcome depression and anxiety, it also helps to defeat all forms of diseases such as cancer. Also, art is one of the most effective instruments to improve memories, reasoning and also improves the flexibility in older people’s health.

The ability to create and construct a unique artistic design doesn’t depend on the skills and talents acquired. According to an art therapist Megan Carleton at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), she claims it is the process and not the product.

Why art is good medicine

Research has shown that constructing a unique and fantastic art improves after language and speech become absent. This has expressed the fact in people with progressive neurological diseases such as dementia. The research demonstrated that creating visual art helps to overcome stress, and it also improves the health of people hospitalized. This makes the art an essential medicine around the globe. 

In line with other art therapists, Carleton is also a licensed mental health counselor. She makes lots of media available to people undergoing cancer therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). Being an influential person, she has worked with many veterans and people with Alzheimer’s disease. She believes that people often realize they are having fun once they get to engage in art.

Carleton also postulates that art helps people get away through difficult life situations and face the end of life. They can often express their mind in a safe environment by working with a trained art therapist. This improves their ability to create amazing arts and continue to grow at peace. She has written books and made a variety of videos to make their experience a memorable one. Perhaps, these techniques have helped people to control their anger, likewise their frustrations. 

Why art is good prevention

Although art has to exist for decades, recent researchers suggest that the ability to create unique activities brings more effects than appreciating creative works. In 2017, from Mayo Clinic Study of Aging reports, it demonstrated that more than 70% of people who engage in crafts projects have less risk of improving cognitive impairment than those who focus on reading books. The German study of 2014 expresses a great improvement in the reasoning and emotional balance of the retirees who engage in sculpting and painting. In the case of retirees who attended art appreciation classes, they often have less improvement.

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